Anyone Can Create

With Paverpol

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Let Your Creativity Run Free

Art is about innovating and taking risks. Take the road less traveled and start creating sculptures using a unique medium: fabric.

I'm Beverly Martens, and I teach people how to make fabric sculptures using a material called Paverpol. With Pretty in Paverpol in Mitchell, Manitoba, I offer classes that cater to beginners and skilled artists alike. Feel free to reach out to me to register for one
of my classes.

My Story

I was first introduced to Paverpol sculpture when I was sent a photo of a beautiful sculpture of a lady in black. As someone who has always been drawn to making art, I was instantly intrigued by this medium. Shortly after, I found myself an instructor to teach me.

Before I knew it, I was soon on the path to becoming a Certified Paverpol Instructor. I look forward to sharing this exciting art form with everyone interested in arts and crafts.

Coming Soon

My Mission and Vision

I’m on a mission to teach people about the wonderful art of fabric sculpture, something that everyone can learn to do. In the future, I see myself enjoying the process of creating this art form beside many people. Together, we can all make something pretty in Paverpol.

About Paverpol

A textile hardener, Paverpol can also be used on natural materials other than textile to make them rock hard. Using Paverpol, you can cure your finished sculpture for up to two weeks. By then, the sculpture will be able to withstand outside elements such as rain
or snow.

Paverpol has been AP-certified non-toxic by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI). Visit this site to learn more
about Paverpol.

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